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About us

Greentech eBikes was conceived by British born Jeff Norton whilst working with Eco-Ants in Canterbury, New Zealand and established when he returned with his wife Janet Norton O'Neill to Canterbury, UK in 2018. Now based in Deal Kent.

Why eBikes? Jeff is passionate about electronically assisted transport. He wants his eBikes to help people to get back on bicycles, stay on bicycles and take cars off the road! 

How eBikes? With a couple of decades of experience in electrical engineering and energy efficient architecture Jeff upskilled his knowledge of battery technology and eBikes in NZ.  Securing quality sources for products, proven worldwide was a key factor.  Collaboration with eZee bikes, an operation from Asia with quality components sourced from countries such as Germany and Japan has enabled Jeff to be the sole UK distributor. Minimum overheads and personal customer service will help new e-bikers get on the road with ease.

Jeff and Janet are very keen on sport and leading an active lifestyle. Their eBikes provide a great way to keep the wheels turning for transport and recreation both from an environmental and healthy point of view. 

Our eBikes: Bright & shiney colours, solid technology, choice of step through, cross bar and cargo models, superior locking systems, easy re-charge after 50 miles @ 15mph, pedal or power, it's your choice! 
"Experience the comfort and pleasure of riding a great Greentech eBike!"